360 Product Photography is the newest form of presenting products for customers. It gives the opportunity to get to know the products in detail. The option to zoom and rotate the product in every way gives the chance to make a conscious selection of the products the customer is interested in.

“Packshot” is a standard and timeless way to represent products using static 2D Photographs. As a part of single photo-shoot we make 4 shots from different perspectives – front, back, both sides. Default photo is being basically retouched, however there is a possibility for further advanced retouch. In effect you receive photos with no backgrounds, so it can be easily used not only on your website but on any advert materials as well.

The usage of Ghost Packshot photos is the most popular way of presenting clothing in the online shops, clothing catalogs and internet auctions. In comparison to the photos made with the Flatshot technique – the Ghost Packshots give the opportunity to see how clothing fits the body either on a model or mannequin. With these packshot photos we are able to photograph almost every single clothing i.e. socks, jeans, shirts, skirts hoodies, jacket or coats

Studio Photoshoot with model on neutral background, concentrated on the clothing to avoid any environmental distractions.


We guarantee a complete production process – starting from the creation of the script, screenplays, storyboards, organization of the film set, footage, postproduction to provide you with the already finished project in the digital formats compatible with TV and internet standards.

We realize:
– Videoclips
– Video Commercials
– Concert Blu-Rays/DVDs
– Short Films
– Documentaries
– Videoclips for corporations and promotional clips
– Movie Trailers
– Video Visualizations
– Video Coverage’s
– “Making of” videos.

The video productions that we offer are created with the usage of the highest quality equipment which guarantees that our projects are of the best possible quality on the market.


Every single order is being measured individually in terms of the specifics of the products and their quantity. Before cooperation we advise you to choose the opportunity of test photoshoots (first product – free of charge!). Realizing the test photoshoot gives us the chance to get to know the product to make an honest evaluation in terms of the prices of the full project.

– 360 Photography from 15zł
– Packshot from 9zł
– Packshot duch from 20zł
– Lookbook from 20zł

Preparation to the realization of the project (ironing) – Free Of Charge!